Bio starlight

The Starlight Pines is a dark folk, indie rock band driven by guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Jordan Mitchell. Mitchell brings the feelings of angst and detachment of his past into his music. It was shortly after Mitchell began working on a solo project (Red Fir) that his partner, Gerilee McBride, took up the drums and The Starlight Pines was born.

The duo debuted their version of jangly, indie folk rock in 2016 with their album, “Old Yale Road” (Factor Canada)—an ode to Mitchell’s bucolic early childhood in Hope, British Columbia. Mitchell and McBride continued to play locally and rounded off the summer with a tour (BC & Saskatchewan) in support of the album.

Their follow up album, “City Lights”, features additional band members Gavin Smith on bass and keyboardist Jenna Dunsby. Jesse Gander (engineer on the album) also plays synthesizer and keys on several tracks. “City Lights” is a moody and driving album that is a reflection of that liminal space that exists between young life and adult years—that space of feelings that is evoked by leaving a small town and moving to the big city.

Currently MItchell and McBride have joined forces with long time long friend and engineer/producer Kurt Wilkinson (Oregon Trail, In Media Res) to work on an EP which will be released over the summer of 2022).

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