“The Starlight Pines is a fuzzy-folk indie-rock band from Vancouver.”

Starting out as a duo, married couple, Jordan Mitchell and Gerilee McBride recorded and put out an EP, Old Yale Road, in the August of 2016. Mitchell is the primary singer and songwriter playing guitar for over twenty years and singing for the last five years. Gerilee McBride is the foundation and tempo behind the songs providing a strong steady rhythmical back beat with a pension for minimalism, adding only what’s needed and no more, so songs, Mitchell writes, can speak for themselves.

After the initial release of Old Yale Road the two embarked on a mini tour to Regina Saskatchewan. Camping along the way, they experienced a truly varied and Canadian landscape of people and places. It was an eyeopening journey that broadened their love of music, traveling and this country.

Later down the line McBride, working at her day job made quick friends with Jenna Dunsby who happened to be recently married to a bass player, Gavin Smith. Dunsby, with her classical training, fast fingers and dulcet adds a laid back keyboard style due in part to her classical training in piano. Smith, a long time multi-instrumetalist and singer, has added to both the Pines rhythmical and melodically holding down the heart of each song with warm tones and beautiful vocal harmonies that fit right into the songs.

Collectively the jangly folk fuzz indie folk rock band has an ever expanding sound making a big sound immense.

We look forward to seeing you at our shows!

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