The Starlight Pines -Old Yale Road!!!!

Excited for you to listen to our first EP “Old Yale Road”. The Starlight Pines “Old Yale Road” can be streamed or purchased through Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, iTunes/Apple music, Microsoft Groove, Rdio, Shazam, Youtube and  Bandcamp .

Have a listen, share it around, come see us play live or request that we play a show near you.



While You Wait for Oblivion

I realized we haven’t said a whole lot of anything on here for awhile, so here’s an update:

1. We’ve been hard at work recording our first release as The Starlight Pines titled, Old Yale Road. We are just in the mastering faze and then out it goes to the world. We were pretty lucky to work with Andy Schichter on these 7 songs that we recorded in two days at Blue Light Studios and OSW Studios in Vancouver. Andy’s a work horse, a professional and super supportive guy all in one. (Plus he co-owns 3 pretty awesome guinea pigs.) Andy’s a great engineer and mixing engineer— I would book him again in a heartbeat.

2. We are actively booking a string of shows from Vancouver to Regina and back. Check out the shows page to see dates. Come out and hang with us if you are in any of these lovely towns and cities, we’ll be glad to play for you! We’ll have some limited time show merch to sell along the way as well. Stay tuned for that.

3. We’ve added two awesome new band members to The Starlight Pines to fill out the sound and add more layers of fun—Gavin on bass guitar, and Jenna playing synth.

We’d like to welcome Jenna Dunsby (aka dulcet tones) and Gavin Smith. Jenna is a classically trained pianist but new to working in a band but fits in nicely. Gavin (who has no nickname yet or maybe doesn’t want one) has been playing bass and guitar for many years. He provides a rock steady and musically powerful feel to the band. We’ll be posting their actual bios and pics of them as we go along.

Until then sit tight and enjoy the starlight.