Upcoming Show: Saturday, Nov. 12 at LanaLou’s

We’re very excited to be opening for Parkland (recently back from tour) this Saturday for their album release: Monument

Join us this Saturday, November 12 at LanaLou’s, 362 Powell Street
Show starts at 9pm, $10 at the door


Say Hello to Jenna (keyboardist) and Gavin (bassist)

We welcome two new members to The Starlight Pines band—keyboardist Jenna Dunsby, and bassist Gavin Smith. We’ve been enjoying making music with these two for the past four months and they will be joining us in our upcoming November show dates.


A little bit about Jenna and Gavin:

After nearly 15 years training as a classical pianist, Jenna now plays keyboard for The Starlight Pines. She wishes she had realized sooner that playing in a band is way more fun than reading sheet music (although she’s grateful she can read sheet music). Jenna enjoys being outside, dulcet tones and thinking about the universe.

At ten years old, Gavin’s parents put him into classical guitar lessons and since then he has progressed from throwing tantrums about learning sheet music, to writing terrible punk songs, to playing in a series of bands with embarrassing names. After a number of years writing music in his spare time while focusing on other things in life, Gavin was happy to come on board as The Starlight Pines’ bass player.

Gavin and Jenna, like Jordan and Gerilee, are married, but the band was unable to reach consensus on changing its name to Double Date.